What an exciting journey it has been following the progress, adoption and incredible market growth of Ethereum over the past few months.

We have personally seen Ethereum prices rise from $350 when we started building Gitman, to a now staggering $1800, with a no clear reason to slow down.

We’re excited to see what new technology will come as Ethereum becomes more and more commonplace.

Yet with all this hype, there remain little ways in which we can actually use the Ethereum that we’ve purchased. And if we cannot use it, what is the point?

While we noticed this gap many months ago, the problem is still here today, yet it’s about to change. This year we will begin to see Ethereum apps roll out leading to, what we predict, as further increase in Ethereum prices.

This excites us.

So what is Gitman? Well, 2017 saw another year of open-source with Github recording insane numbers such as 24 million users, 67 million repositories and 1 billion public commits in a year. Open-source has never been this healthy before.

Often as developers or product owners, we wish to solve a bug quickly, but within Github, there is no incentive for developers to solve your bugs. Some projects grow organically, but many don’t.

On the flip side, there are many developers that struggle to find any work. It is a sad reality despite the increasing numbers of issues on projects.

We decided to utilise Ethereum and smart contracts to create a marketplace that integrates seamlessly with GitHub to allow product owners to place Ethereum rewards on repository issues.

Developers can then search for these issues and submit pull requests. Once a pull request has been approved and merged in by the owner, the Ethereum is instantly sent to the developer’s wallet.

The idea excited us, but what excited us more was when we built the proof-of-concept and it worked. Really well. 2018 is an exciting year for technology, including Gitman. This quarter we plan to release to the public our platform – which has incredible potential to disrupt this industry.

We’re looking for developers to register interest to gain access to the platform, so you can start earning Ethereum as soon as we launch the product. You can follow our updates on Twitter.

We’re excited about 2018 and hope you are too.