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Hire a Gitman to kill your bugs

Looking for a simple, quick way to get your bugs killed, without the hassle of going through a service aggregator? Gitman allows you to simply add an ethereum bounty to your GitHub issue. Developer's will then submit pull requests and when you successfully approve one (and merge in), the developer will get paid.

Built on Smart Contracts

Ethereum Smart Contracts ensure that the developer is paid when the pull request is successfully merged in.

Uses Ethereum to fund contracts

Brings the future of payments to your hands, allowing you to get paid (and pay) using Ethereum.

Near-instant payments

Leveraging the power of Ethereum to produce near-instant transaction times, including internationally, with extremely low fees.

Earning Ethereum is easy

Step Two
NO. 01

Repo owner creates an issue and sets an Ethereum reward.

Step Two
NO. 02

Developers can view issues and submit pull requests.

Step Three
NO. 03

Owner reviews pull requests and approves

Step Four
NO. 04

Ethereum reward gets instantly transferred to developer's wallet

Giving opportunities to world-class developers

Location, race, ethnicity or religion should not be barriers to developing code for applications. Gitman eliminates this by allowing any developer to submit pull requests and get paid in Ethereum.

Regardless of the availability of banking institutions, developers will be able to get paid for their successful bug fixes.

Craig Waite
Senior Software Engineer
Thierry Rais
Senior Software Engineer
Nate Zerk
Nate Zerk
Senior Front-End Developer

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